About Us

With over 40 years of experience in aesthetic product development and pharmaceutical manufacturing, the PHI, Inc. team understands what aesthetic professionals and their patients are looking for… top quality products that meet their needs at a fair price.

Established in 1999 in Chesapeake, VA, as a niche product company, PHI’s employees pride themselves in operating with integrity, being intuitive and providing creative solutions to the aesthetic market.

Founder and CEO Dennis R. Jones has worked and created products in various facets of the aesthetic market and believes that keeping the client’s needs as the company’s focus is the way to be successful. “We don’t just sell products; we find needs and try to fill them with unique and effective products. That is the only way to do business.”

Of course, PHI was first known for Meladine™, the only patented natural melanin enhancer. Used to increase pigment in non-pigmented hair follicles for treatment by laser, Meladine™ has become a tremendous success across the U.S. and beyond. Thanks to this little product, people with blonde, gray and white hair are receiving satisfying results with laser hair removal—a feat that has not been accomplished with any laser alone. Meladine™ has a track record of over 1,000 U.S. based laser hair removal centers to prove its efficacy.

Now, we are proud to introduce our new products; Zcaine™ and Zcalm™.

Zcaine™ is a non prescription (OTC) pain relief gel, which contains 4% Lidocaine, to help relieve pain of minor burns and skin irritations, minor cuts and scrapes and minor itching.

Zcalm™, with its proprietary blend of calming botanicals and rejuvenating ProElements™, has proven to be a unique and welcomed addition for post-laser treated skin.

Watch for more superior and innovative products from PHI. PHI is dedicated to providing its clients with top-quality, dependable products.