Testimonials – Zcaine

“Zcaine is a great product and really makes a difference for our clients comfort during treatments.”
Dermacare of Rancho Bernardo – Dr. Greenberg

“I had 3 facial tightening treatments with our Candela GentleMax laser. It was so painful that I decided to discontinue treatments. Providentially arriving in the mail was a brochure from your company for Zcaine. I ordered a trial bottle, tried in on myself last week and it was amazing!! I felt almost nothing. Our Esthetician could not believe that I did not even flinch during the procedure. Experiencing is believing! I have ordered Zcaine for our patients so that they can now endure the treatments and enjoy the results. Thank you so much for Zcaine!!”
Dr. William E. Freeman – Kandi Lutz, Office Manager

“Our clients love Zcaine ”
Renaissance Laser in Dallas

“We have used everything, and we are absolutely ecstatic about Zcaine! Our patients love it!”
Sona Newport News – Marilyn

“The product is working great and the physicians were happy to get the discounted rate from your company. Thank you for introducing us to this wonderful product, some of our patients wouldn’t tolerate the laser procedure without it. Patients that use the Zcaine are a very happy with it and the fact that it only takes 30 minutes to numb the area that well is convenient for their schedules and mine.”
Burlington Area Family Practice Center

“Our clients who use to use Emla and would have to drive to their treatment with plastic on their faces tried to hide it with a newspaper are just ecstatic about Zcaine. It has worked wonderfully for our clients.”
Cranston Electrolysis Center

“Our patients are more comfortable now during treatments with Zcaine!”

“Their are so many products that promise so much, but Zcaine delivers! Everytime I use it I get great results with my clients. Zcaine really can help the Electrology Industry!”
IL School of Electrology – Suzanne Anderer

“Zcaine worked faster than the other topicals I used and my patients loved it!”
Electrolysis by Sue

“I wouldn’t do a treatment without Zcaine! It makes the experience so much more enjoyable!”
Advanced Laser Clinics of Modesto

“Previously we were using a Benzocaine, Lidocaine, and Tetracaine compound and now have switched to Zcaine. Zcaine works great and our clients love it, they can even take Zcaine home and apply it before they come in. It is also a lot easier not having to deal with prescriptions.”
Charlotte Laser & Medspa

“Zcaine works quickly and is very effective for Rhytec, Thermage, and laser treatments. My patients are much more comfortable during treatments when they apply Zcaine twenty minutes prior, and the gel makes it easier to use than cream based products.”
Midwest Center for Plastic Surgery

“Zcaine is necessary for our treatments and our clients love it! It also doesn’t leave a bad residue on the skin.”
Louisville Laser of Paducah

“Zcaine works within the first 5 minutes and our patients love it, especially the men! We have used other products, but Zcaine has become the standard.”
Bella Pelle Laser

“We used to use Topicaine and we have used many other products, but Zcaine is the best!”
Dr. Rosenberg

“I use the Lumenis Lightsheer Laser, and now that I use Zcaine, the laser just feels like a dull thump.”
Slic Laser Hair Removal Clinic

“All my clients say they love the Zcaine. They also say that Zcaine lasts longer and they don’t have to use as much as other products.”
Sona MedSpa of Glen Allen

“Both my patients and I absolutely love the Z-caine and Z-calm for light-based treatments. The Z-caine is also highly effective prior to mesotherapy injections and dermal filler application.”
Dr. Ling

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