Testimonials – Zcalm

“As a Clinical Educator for an Intense Pulsed Light manufacturer, I spend my days training physicians and staff to operate IPL units. I’ve tried numerous products to soothe the skin post procedure and Zcalm truly is the best I’ve tried. Patients love the scent and the gentle cooling effect immediately after treatment. The fact that it reduces erythema and edema is the “icing on the cake.” The cream is luxurious and patients feel pampered. It’s the perfect way to end the treatment. I use Zcalm on every patient, including myself.”
Michele, Clinical Educator, Novalis Medical

“I have used many products after laser treatments and Zcalm is definitely the best!”
Laser X Inc.

“Zcalm is the best post treatment product care available. It really helps my patients heal quickly after a Rhytec or Thermage treatment.”
Midwest Center for Plastic Surgery

“My clients using Zcalm heal faster and don’t experience the swelling they normally do.”
Permanent Image

“My clients always say, immediately after I put Zcalm on them, that Zcalm feels wonderful and helps with the discomfort.”
Laser & Aesthetic Center

“Zcalm cools and calms our client’s skin after laser treatments. It also reduces edema.”
Louisville Laser of Paducah

“Zcalm helps reduce redness and sensitivity and calms the skin after laser treatments.”
American Laser Center of Reno

“The skin feels so calm right after the treatment with Zcalm!”
Slic Laser Hair Removal Clinic

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